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    Cheeky Mongoose is among the 1 top 10 authorized dealers of gold bullion and SA Mint products in South Africa. We dont limit ourselves in providing you the best service experience when you purchase gold bullion online.


Buy Krugerrands, Rare Gold Coins & Collectibles

“We make Collectibles fun” .Cheeky Mongoose Pty Ltd is an Online Retailer that specializes in Krugerrands, rare gold coins and rare products from Royal Canadian Mint, SA Mint, New Zealand Mint etc.

We see ourselves as a company that brings back the fun in collectibles. We believe every hobby can be financially rewarding. Our Main focus is to bring alternative asset classes to the public ,be it bullion gold coins such as krugerrands or collectibles such as whiskeys or cars.

Our main focus and time is dedication to competitive pricing, education on these items and making your online experience extremely user friendly.

2019 Natura Silver lion coin
Silver Elephant coin