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Cheeky Mongoose (Pty) LTD

In order to offset the risk of money laundering as prescribed by FIC’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Legislation (ed. 2018), all employees at Cheeky Mongoose are committed to the following best practices in terms of the Anti-Money Laundering policy.

Cheeky Mongoose does not accept any cash transactions. 

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  • All clients who wish to do business with Cheeky Mongoose pty ltd are screened and verified in terms of the Know Your Customer requirements.
  • Personal record is kept on all clients who wish to do business with Cheeky Mongoose pty ltd. Such records may require updating, depending on the time since the last transaction.
  • No Krugerrands will be sold without proof of residence and a copy of the person’s ID document. In the case of a business, we require CK documents, ID copies of the shareholders, and any further documentation that we deem necessary to ensure that the AML/KYC requirements are met.
  • Third-party payments are not allowed.
  • No cash payments or cash deposits are accepted under any circumstance.
  • Spikes in activity or amounts will be queried.
  • Suspicious activities and transactions (that do not comply with the above requirements) will be treated as suspicious and will be reported to FIC without notification.
  • When selling Krugerrands toCheeky Mongoose pty ltd, we require an original proof of purchase from a reputable dealer who is an official re-seller SA Mint.
  • A reassessment is conducted of all previous and related transactions with Cheeky Mongoose if suspicious activity related to money laundering is detected or suspected.

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Copyright 2022 Cheeky Mongoose


Copyright 2022 Cheeky Mongoose