2018 Natura Gold Euparkeria Capensis R5 1/20 Oz Coin

Natura Rise of the Dinosaur

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A new chapter in the award-winning Natura series introduces palaeontology, in recognition of South Africa’s significance to this field and study of plant and animal fossils. In this first instalment of the palaeontology-themed coins, the focus is on "Rise of the Dinosaurs – Archosauria" over the five 24ct gold coins.
The Archosauria - crocodiles, pterosaurs, dinosaurs and birds - were magnificent beasts which ruled over the land and sky for 180 million years, from the Triassic to the Cretacecous periods. The Archosauriforms evolved at the end of the Triassic, finally taking over the last enclaves of synapsid domination.
Each coin in this set depicts a different Archosauriform, together with its scientific name, the word "Natura", the denomination, mass and metal value of the coin.

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Product Details:
Euparkerids are Archosauriforms from South Africa, Namibia, Poland and China from during the Middle Triassic period, and they're pictured on the R5 coin that was introduced to the range in 2018.

Euparkeria capensis, a small active predator, had a protective double row of osteoderms along the length of its body like many other Archosauriforms. Their size, agility, speed and small sharp teeth would have made them ideally suited to be an insectivore. Euparkeria was one of the first bipedal vertebrates with longer legs than arms, which suggests that they could move around quadropedally, but could also run on their hind legs at times. Bipedalism became a very important evolutionary adaptation inherited by the archosaurs, including dinosaurs and birds.
Mass: 1,555g
Diameter: 12.0mm
Mintage: 1500

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