Big Five II (2.) – Lion – 2022 1 Oz Silver – Uncirculated


The animals known as the “Big Five” – Elephant – Lion – Buffalo – Rhino – Leopard – are considered emblems and ambassadors of this culturally rich country and represent the African fauna. The second issue is dedicated to the Lion. The motive shows a detailed close-up of the head of an adult lion. The inscriptions “SOUTH AFRICA”, “BIG FIVE 2022” and the South African coat of arms are also part of the design. The reverse shows two halves of a lion’s head. Placing two of these coins next to each other gives a full close-up portrait of a lion. When several of these coins are placed next to each other, an entire herd of lions appears. In the center, the denomination “FIVE RAND”, the weight “1OZ” and the fineness “Ag 999” are shown.

Coin Price: R 1195.00 (Item Price Includes VAT)


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Coin Highlights:

  • Mintage only 15,000 pieces.
  • 1 Ounce 99.9% Silver.
    With the release of the Big Five II Series, the legacy of a cherished classic is perpetuated by the South African Mint.

    Representing the renowned “Big Five” – Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Rhino, and Leopard.

    The Lion takes center stage as the second issue in this series. Featuring a detailed close-up of an adult lion’s head, adorned with inscriptions like “SOUTH AFRICA” and “BIG FIVE 2022”, alongside the South African coat of arms, the design is showcased. On the reverse, two halves of a lion’s head unite to form a full close-up portrait, with the illusion of an entire lion herd created by multiple coins. The coin displays the denomination “FIVE RAND”, weight “1OZ”, and fineness “Ag 999” at its center.

    The African lion (Panthera leo) holds the esteemed title of the largest and most significant land predator on the continent. Revered as the “king of animals”, power and dominance are symbolized by the lion, resonating through old tales and folklore. Its mighty roar, audible up to 8 kilometers away, serves as a means of communication within the pride.

  • Coin Price: R 1195.00 (Item Price Includes VAT)
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