1967 – 2017 3 Coin Kruger Vintage Set

Mass: 33.930g, 33.930g, 33.930g,
Diameter: 32.69mm, 32.69mm, 32.69mm,
Metal Content: Au 916.67 Cu 83.33
Reverse Die-sinker: CL Steynberg
Obverse Die-sinker: O Schultz
Box Type: Wood
Purity: 22 carat Gold
Extras: 50 year anniversary Mint mark
Maximum Mintage: 500


This set includes the 1967 1 oz re-issue, the 2016 1 oz proof and the 2017 1 oz proof coins. It allows collectors to enjoy the legacy of the 1 oz proof Krugerrand, from past to present and highlights the evolving technology and its role in elevating the execution of this iconic design. Each Krugerrand coin is minted in classic 22 carat gold, which speaks to the roots of the coin’s enduring legacy as the modern and enduring gold standard.


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