2017 5 Coin Proof Kruger Set

Mass: 33.930g, 33.930g, 33.930g,
Diameter: 32.69mm, 32.69mm, 32.69mm,
Metal Content: Au 916.67 Cu 83.33
Reverse Die-sinker: CL Steynberg
Obverse Die-sinker: O Schultz
Box Type: Wood
Purity: 22 carat Gold
Extras: 50 year anniversary Mint mark
Maximum Mintage: 150




This set is comprised of three gold, one platinum and one silver coin. The 1967 1 oz gold re-issue, the 2016 1 oz gold proof and the 2017 1 oz gold proof coins show the collector how the mould has been refined over the years, giving greater detail and finish to the original. The platinum and silver 1 oz proof coins set the stage for the future diversity of the Krugerrand family. The new finish on the surface of the die showcases enhanced colour and texture, which can be beautifully observed in the three precious metals featured in this set.


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