2017 Mandela Silver Proof Coin



The sterling-silver R1 represents the Freedom Charter, a historic document accepted at the Congress of the People in Kliptown on 26 June 1955. The design features the ten demands representing the people’s hopes and aspirations for a ‘new’ South Africa.

The group of people featured on the coin represents the approximately 3 000 delegates present at the Congress of the People. Nelson Mandela is shown among these individuals as he did not formally participate in the day’s events due to a banning order.

Life of a Legend Mandela R1 series now available

Product: Proof Silver Coin

VAT (Tax): 14%

Range: Protea

Weight: 15 g

Metal Content: 92.5 Ag ,Cu 75

Mintage: 2000

Certificate of Authenticity: Yes

Special Box : Yes



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