African Elephant Silver Statue

Trivia – Did you know that one of the important differences between African and Asian elephants is the tusks?! All African elephants, male and femalehave tusks while only some Asian males have tusks.

  • contains 10+ Troy Ounces of silver
  • actual weight 337+ grams
  • only 1000 casts ever produced
  • Features: Laser-etched with serial number, purity & certificate of authenticity


African Elephants are the worlds largest land animal with the shoulder height reaching nearly 11 foot! Their trunks are an extension of the lips and nose, used for communication, but also as a handy pair of hands.
Each family consists of around 10 members, and families join together as a clan of up to 70. They are peaceful, social creatures living for around 70 years.
But tens of thousands are killed each year for their beautiful ivory tusks. Sadly, destined for ornaments and jewelry. To add insult to injury, agriculture is dramatically decreasing their natural habitat. They’re considered vulnerable, close to endangered.
Just like the White Rhino, they may be herbivores, but they’re considered an apex creature. Once extinct, South Africa’s ecosystem is set to suffer a serious blow to its health – and the ripple effect will be felt globally.
But we can celebrate and help preserve this mighty mammal.
Proceeds from The Majestic Five Collection sales are being donated to the South African National Parks to help the fight against big game hunters depleting the Elephant population.


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