African Rhino Silver Statue

… Your White Rhino is one of five solid silver collectibles in the Majestic Five Collection, which also includes: The Cape Buffalo, African Lion, Elephant, and Leopard.

  • contains 6+ Troy Ounces of silver
  • actual weight 203+ grams
  • only 1000 casts ever produced
  • laser-etched with serial number, weight & purity
  • includes box & certificate of authenticity


The mighty Rhino has survived for 50 million years, but their time is running out. There are only 5,000 Black Rhino and 20,000 White Rhino remaining in South Africa. Both are threatened. What Will Happen Once The Rhino Perish?

As an apex creature, Rhino are well known for maintaining the health of South Africa’s ecosystem. Once the Rhino are gone, all habitat-sharing plants and animals will soon follow. And the catastrophic effects will be felt globally.

The treasured African White Rhino is now yours to cherish in .925 silver. Complete with humped back, longer front horn, and square snout, your solid silver statue is a perfect replica of the White Rhino and perfectly distinguished from the Black Rhino who has a hooked snout, sans hump. This attention to detail is rare in the world of Rhino sculpture.

Silver Investing Meets Conservation – The Majestic Five Collection

When you take the captivating Rhino home, you will of course hold a long term investment for yourself – but you’ll also be investing in the survival of this magnificent creature.


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